2017 Annual Meeting - Call for Proposals

The conference theme, Working Smarter Together: Collections, Communities and Collaborations, focuses on how archivists and other professionals in a variety of cultural heritage institutions and repositories build and sustain significant collections and work with others across different disciplines and institutional boundaries.

We encourage individual papers, panel sessions, poster sessions, lightning talks, and other presentation formats that encourage conversation or hands-on activities. Submissions may focus on practices within a specific type of repository, examine institutional partnerships, or focus on new initiatives and community outreach. By definition, the cultural heritage institutions and repositories may include a wide variety of settings and organizations, such as academic or public libraries, corporate archives, special collections units, specialized archives, and historical societies. Collections discussed may include items in transition from records management systems to archives, traditional manuscript collections, born-digital or web based materials, items curated and ingested into trusted digital repositories, or items of any format requiring preservation.

Proposal Submissions

Proposals are due Friday, March 24, 2017. Submit proposals via email to Jim Schnur at schnur@mail.usf.edu. Please use the form or provide the information requested in the form via email. Questions may be directed to this email address or (727) 873-4094. Your proposal submission will be acknowledged within one business day and shared with others planning the conference program.

Submit a Proposal

Submissions may include, but are not limited to, the following session formats:

  1. Papers. 10-15 minutes in length and typically combined into a 45-minute session followed by a comment-and-discussion period.
  2. Papers in a complete panel session. Two or three papers with a similar focus and a chair that form a 45-minute session followed by a comment-and-discussion period.
  3. Discussion-based panel sessions. These sessions, generally 30-45 minutes in length, combine conversations with visual or media presentations (e.g., videos, films, physical items from collections) followed by opportunities for group discussion. One to three presenters may offer a single session.
  4. Lightning talks. Five-minute talks given by individuals in rapid succession, followed by Q&A.
  5. Poster sessions. Visual displays of projects, activities, or applied or theoretical research that are presented by graduate students and newer professionals.
  6. Other formats. Possibilities include hands-on demonstrations or other presentations that spark conversation.

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