Proposed changes to the Bylaws of the Society of Florida Archivists

These changes will be presented, comments requested and voted on at the upcoming business meeting for SFA as part of the Joint SFA/SGA Conference. If you have comments to report before the meeting, please email them to Rachel Walton, Chair of the Bylaws Committee prior to the Business Meeting on October 13, 2016. To accommodate those who cannot attend this year, a vote on the amended Bylaws will take place via email after the Annual Meeting has concluded to maximize member participation.

Summary of Proposed Bylaws Changes

Draft, proposed Bylaws

Draft, proposed College and University Archives Section Bylaws

Draft, proposed Membership Committee

Draft, proposed Web Communications Manager

Draft, Web Communications Assistant Manager

Bylaws of the Society of Florida Archivists, Inc. (amended April 21, 2009)

Administrative Manual (approved June 2013)
The SFA Administrative Manual outlines the duties and responsibilities for all leadership positions held within the Society. Please note that references to voting and member status refer specifically to the Executive Board and not to the membership as a whole.
President and President's Timeline
Vice President
Immediate Past President
Executive Board Timeline

Annual Meeting Committee and Annual Meeting Guide
Audit Committee
Awards Committee
Judith Beale Scholarship Committee
Membership Committee
Newsletter Editor
Nominating Committee
Web Communications Team (Manager, Assistant Listserv Manager, Assistant Web Manager)
Committee Timeline
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